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Let's be honest: the coaching is the easiest part. 

It’s everything else your business needs – the marketing, the strategy, the pricing – that has all the “Who I am to... “ thoughts limiting your growth.

You’re doing all the step-by-step strategies, the totally-proven-for-my-business blueprints you got from other coaches, but no matter how much you hustle, no one’s responding to your content, much less booking out your offers.

It’s time to change that.

We'll deep dive into...

  • The necessary components of YOUR irresistible offer (and how to ditch the need to convince someone to buy)
  • How to create magnetic content that makes your ICA EXCITED to invest
  • The REAL reason actually launching your offer feels heavy (it’s not what you think!)
  • How to set up your business so you never again worry about where your next client is coming from
  • 3 marketing questions to ask to position yourself as an expert
  • Why knowing how to guide yourself through wobbly business moments will actually attract more empowered, soul-aligned clients

Consider this webinar your quantum leap to SERIOUS revenue growth if:

You’re a heart-centered entrepreneur with a coaching business

You’re in it full-time, and ready to play the long game

You’ve had some luck signing a few clients, but “luck” isn’t what you’re about – you want “consistently booked”

You want to your business to feel like YOURS

As a mother of two-under-two, and CEO of a multiple six-figure business, I’m determined to show women we get to have, do, and be it ALL. More importantly, we get to ENJOY the process as we do so. 

With The Lifestyle Edit, I’ve helped tens of women-run businesses hit the six-figure mark. In 2020, I helped my first client reach the million-dollar mark. 

If that’s where you want your business to go, I can’t wait to see you at the webinar!


“As I write this, I’ve never been more fulfilled with my work, so in awe of the soul clients I get to spend my days with, and so excited for the future. And the work I’ve done with Naomi has come full circle. Now it’s my coaching clients who are telling me about their huge mindset shifts, financial wins and successful business pivots, and it’s just a wonderful feeling. The work is generative – it just keeps spreading!”

- Imogen Roy, career coach


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